Welcome, and thank you for your time. To do something once can be dismissed as a mistake, a fleeting moment of madness. But to do it twice shows we are at least committed to the cause.

Issue Two arrives on your screens at a moment of hope and promise. The many joys of summer are almost upon us and if you are not already spending your evenings jealously planning how you’ll report your neighbour’s DIY roof terrace to the council, then you certainly will be soon. It is during this period of the year that we are collectively at our most adventurous. The sun washed afternoons and late balmy evenings nurture in us a free spirit, one that will abandon us again when the November winds hit and the constant rain slowly washes away every attempt our souls make to smile. It is for this reason we have dedicated Issue Two to the concept of discovery. The difficult daily grinds don't go away. Monday mornings still feel like the world has betrayed you; and falling asleep on a night bus and ending up where nobody wants to end up is still a real possibility, but when challenging experiences are illuminated by the light of the fresh summer sun, you embark on it with a newness of purpose and adventure, assured that whatever the outcome, you will never be too far from the rising smoke of a BBQ, as the tale of your winter is swept away by the potential of the summer haze.

Our Thoughts section leads us off with an exploration of identity and diversity, as Ben Cooper investigates the realities of race in London and Paris.  Lizzie Edwards discovers the tears and tribulations of trying to gain 24-hour unfiltered access to London, as she goes hunting for a home. We take a look at whether our generation's creativity makes us special, whilst Ross Gillam searches for what it truly means to ‘find yourself’. Aboard his bike, Charlie Woodall takes us on a tour alongside the city's cycling community, and finally Simon Orriss begs us to not only mind the gap, but avoid it altogether

Creativity is again at the heart of our Tales section. Through her lens, Katie Gales seeks to find out what happens when she opens her eyes to everyday smiles. We return to the world of Adam Chociemski, and Will Leach glides us poetically through his first impressions of the city. We also feature a story called Distant Fantasies, which delves into the secrets we keep in relationships.

If you have come this far, you already have our gratitude. If you choose to discover further, you have our love.

Dipo Faloyin and Tom Owen